Eco Edventure

This program is designed with the intent to deliver an ecological and wilderness adventure program that engages students in education, nature, skill development, personal growth, and career exploration. In all that we do will model responsible stewardship of our planet as it is a gift from God.

Goals And Objectives
The Eco EDventure program is a combination of a holistic approach to skill development and student personal growth that provides high school students with the opportunity to learn and develop in a dynamic educational environment. Through challenging activities, various projects and a constant connection to our natural surroundings, the Eco-ED program strives to make the experience one that will have a lifelong impact and open doors to possible career opportunities.

The program offers a hands-on learning experience that focusses on earth sciences, environmental studies, outdoor physical education, literacy and numeracy. The academic curriculum is built on a series of hands-on outdoor activities that meet provincial curriculum expectations in their respective subject areas, while bringing real-world relevance to subject material in a unique learning environment.

“Not all students thrive in a traditional classroom setting. The Eco EDventure program gives students the opportunity to take skills and concepts and apply them in a hands-on outdoor environment. What could be better than being outside and learning at the same time?” - Greg Sicoly,Eco EDventure Teacher

Grade 11 Courses
The Eco EDventure program offers students a variety of courses that are designed to develop both core secondary school skills such as mathematics as well as specialty skills unique to this program such as map creation. The specific courses that grade 11 students will be enrolled in include:

  • IDC - Green Industries and Geographer's Toolkit

  • Physical and Health Education

  • Co-operative Education

  • Mathematics

Grade 12 Courses
The grade 12 Eco EDventure program helps to further develop the skills of students that will allow them to secure a career in a variety of different ecological or environmental fields. The specific programs that grade 12 students will participate in include:

  • The Environment and Resource Management - CGR4E

  • English - ENG4C/ENG4E

  • Health and Physical Education - PAD4O

  • Co-operative Education


Process of Making the Map - A Grade 12 Project
​Students of the Eco EDventure program at St. Kateri Learning Centre embarked on a project that would ultimately take them the entire semester to see through to its completion. That project was to create a professionally designed map for the St. Kateri Learning Centre property. This would be a map that would not only show all of the trails at St. Kateri Learning Centre, but also all of the significant landmarks as well. The map could be used by teachers, students and the community alike.

To begin this process the students first had to learn what a global positioning system (GPS) was and then of course how to use it not only to navigate, but also to store important information that could later be uploaded to a map program that uses a geographic information system (GIS). Once the students familiarized themselves with the basic functions of the GPS, two individuals from the Innovation Centre in Sault Ste. Marie spent three full days with the class to walk them through the process of creating a site map. 

Students will be given any assistance required to meet their goals throughout the program. Students are expected to respect the environment that they are interacting with. 
It is imperative that students genuinely embrace the overall premise of the program which is to learn in a hands-on manner, in an outdoor environment. Along with the beauty and the opportunity students should also expect:

  • All types of weather - Hot, cold, rain, snow, etc.

  • Bugs

  • Classroom Periods

  • Much Physical Activity

The nature of this program requires students to be energetic, enthusiastic and flexible. 

**Specific behavioural expectations will follow in September. For those students committing to the program, along with your dual credit forms, we will also need your email addresses should we need to contact you throughout the summer.

Sault College
All students that enroll in the Eco EDventure program will also be taking two courses per semester at Sault College. They will be at Sault College once every week for the entire semester. The students will have the opportunity to earn credits for the courses that they take at Sault College. Overall students can earn up to six credits per semester through a combination of courses at Sault College and at St. Kateri Learning Centre.
Grade 11 Courses at Sault CollegeGrade 11 students will have the opportunity to earn an Outdoor Equipment Certification while at Sault College. They can also participate in the Construction and Facilities Maintenance course. Both of these specific courses allow students to gain a vast amount of specialty skills that will help to prepare them for a career in a variety of different fields.

Outdoor Equipment Certification
Students will be able to learn all of the following skills while earning their outdoor equipment certification:

  • Mixing of Fuel

  • Retrieving Field Equipment

  • Safe Trailer Operation

  • ATV Safe Rider Course

  • Boater's Examination

  • Boating Practicum

  • Chain Saw and Brush Saw Courses

Construction and Facilities Maintenance
Students will be able to learn all of the following skills throughout the construction and facilities maintenance course:

  • Basic Construction in the Field and Shop

  • Use of Hand and Power Tools

  • Repair and Maintenance of Wood Structures; Including Plumbing and Wiring

Grade 12 Courses at Sault College
Fire Management
This course follows the (OMNR) SP-100 Fire Fighter Training Standards. Students will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of basic forest fire suppression techniques.

Outdoor Navigation
In this course students will gain skills in orienteering and navigating in forested areas using:

  • Magnetic Hand Compass

  • Topographic Maps

  • Aerial Photographs

  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)​

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