Advanced Placement (AP)

Why Advanced Placement?

The Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board is dedicated to offering valuable enrichment opportunities for our high achieving students.


Our Teachers are committed to and fully supportive of this tremendous program which is continuously expanding.  Pre-Advanced Placement courses (Gr. 9-11) help prepare students to take the Grade 12 AP courses and eventually the AP final exams


Student Eligibility for Grade 8 Pre-AP Math and Science Program

Grade 8 students who are high achievers in Science and Mathematics can apply to Pre-Advanced Placement classes. An average of at least 85% in Grade 7 Science and Grade 8 Math is suggested for any interested students.  The successful candidates will have the opportunity to take Grade 9 Pre-AP Science and/or Math while in their Grade 8 year.  Pre-AP Science is offered from September until January.  Pre-AP Math is offered from February until June. 


Currently Advanced Placement Courses are offered in Math, English and Science at all grade levels.   Please note that students can move into AP courses at any stage of their high school career.  Students do not need to necessarily be selected while in Grade 8. 


Ultimate Goals

AP courses will help prepare students in our system for the Grade 12 Advanced Placement courses. Students in Grade 12 Advanced Placement will be prepared for the AP Exam which will allow them to secure a credit recognized in one of the 62 Universities across Canada (covering 9 provinces) which recognizes this program. Advanced Placement credits are recognized in 28 other countries!

Advanced Placement…by the numbers


  • 200 schools participated in AP Programming in 2010

  • 7070 exams were written in 2010

  • 75.1% of those students achieved a percentage of 3 or higher


  • 546 schools participated in AP Programming in 2010

  • 23,757 exams were written in Canada in 2010

  • 75.1% of those students achieved a score of 3 or higher


Grading of Board AP Exams

Each AP Final Exam is a weighted combination of the student’s score on the multiple choice section and on the free response section. The final grade is reported on a five point scale.

5 – Extremely well qualified

4 – Well Qualified

3 – Qualified

2 – Possibly Qualified

1 – No Recommendation


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